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What is Fee Funding?

Managing cash flow is critical for any business, irrespective of the economic cycle.

In difference to ‘factoring, discounting & receivables’ financing, your firm receives 100% of the Tax Invoice being funded and your clients pay by monthly instalments from three (3) to twelve (12) months, including interest costs. The Funder manages the monthly ‘client instalments’.

Given 65%+ of business clients use ‘insurance premium’ funding, many of your clients would be familiar and comfortable with Fee Funding if offered.

What are the benefits of Fee Funding?

The upside for your practice is monies in the bank more quickly; enhanced cash flow; and no debtor management distractions, thus allowing staff to concentrate on core accounting & advisory activities.

Offering Fee Funding as a payment option at the time of invoicing reduces the ability for clients to delay sorting payment. If timed correctly, using Fee Funding often results in fees owed being receipted well within the typical 21 to 30 days payment terms.

Fee Funding is also brilliant for start-up situations where cash flow may not be sufficient to pay accountancy fees in full, but more than sufficient to fund monthly instalments.

It’s important to recognise that Fee Funding is ‘limited security’ funding, with ‘recourse’ for any client ‘instalment defaults’. ‘Recourse’ is viewed as back-up security for the Funder. As such, Funders will assess applications on the basis of the borrower’s credit history.

Why the need for two (2) or more Funder relationship?

Each Funder has different acceptance criteria and application processes, depending on the financial status of each borrower and the amount being funded.

In addition, Funders will typically approve an initial ‘funding cap’ for your practice and work to increase this ‘cap’ as a successful relationship develops. Having at least two (2) relationships provides greater Fee Funding flexibility.

Plus, we’ve witnessed a number of Funders either amend acceptance criteria or exit the market space unexpectedly, leaving accountancy practices without a complete Fee Funding resource.

Longevity of accessing Fee Funding is about accountancy practices building a good relationship with at least two Funders, plus ensuring clients have a healthy attitude towards meeting their repayment obligations.

There are several prudent steps that can be adopted to ensure continuity of your Fee Funding facility. Feel free to chat with us at any stage about these steps. Also click here for helpful hints on debtor management.

Why Fee Funding Australia Pty Ltd

Our origins date back to 2001 when the founder assisted in the development of the first product offering.

Today, we are the only Fee Funding facilitator to deliver multiple options.

Next steps

There is no cost to your firm to establish a Fee Funding facility. To proceed, click here to access and complete the online Enquiry Form.

Based on the information provided, we’ll be able to assess which combination of funders will best suit your practice’s needs.

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